FANGS (WINGS), 2013a/w

FANGS (WINGS), 2013a/w, 1239mm (repeat) x 1150mm, inkjet print on silk denim

I am an animal with wings and fangs, I concentrate on using all of my senses and freeing up all of my abilities as I open my wings wide and take off into the sky. I capture what is beautiful and alluring. I'm not interested in a safe hunt; I only want to grasp what works on my senses intuitively if it is risky. I want what is fresh, brimming with life force and the power to brighten up. Creating is solitary work; I go in tandem with those who are animals of courage and who share in the same solitude. Opening my wings of imagination wide, ferociously baring my fangs of the power of creation, I start to glide. Gazing down upon the earth, which is in decadent mood, I realize that even if there is no apparent answer it is only in the act of creation that a real answer will appear. After the hunt, having bathed my wings and fangs in the setting sun, I fly back to the promised land where my friends reside. To keep opening the door to a new world I've never seen before, and so that I can fly once again tomorrow, I put my fangs away and rest my wings, ready for the next fight.