FRACTALE (Lightning), 2022a/w,

1470mm X 809mm (repeat), inkjet print on cotton/lyocell twill.

Geometric figures created by nature. A complex trajectory of luminous lightning reaching the ground. The trajectory running on the icy surface at the moment of breakage. Crushed droplets of water popping and flying. The process of change to crystallization. The three-dimensional form of a mineral. Azurite, Beryl, Calcite, Crocoite, Elbaite, Fluorite, Quartz, Gold, Smithsonite, and Zoisite. Sharp icy surface with broken shards. The process of a frost column appearance. Orbits of thunder rumbling through the clouds. A figure created by a prism of light. A symmetrical figure with the sun's rays extending evenly in all directions. The angular branches of an old plum tree. The surface of the clockwise twisted trunk of a 100-year-old olive tree. The power of Coriolis.