Every six months, we set out to work on a new collection. With each season, at the beginning of the preparations, I always nurse the same feeling of: “ I am launching a brand new brand.” And every season, at the climax of the preparations, I also nurse another feeling, “This collection may be the last; even if it is, I’ll try my best to devote myself.” Then, during the preparations ―every single season― I always ask myself the same question: “ Could I be moved by this new collection even if I were only designing it for myself? Could I get excited about it?”

The most important ingredient in the creative process is passion. Nowadays, however, product and results are considered the most important things, and those designers who are apt to create get worried about what people around them might think. Naturally, we would be happy to get a good response and we would be sad to get a bad one. But, a creation that is not derived from passion cannot excite someone. It cannot enthrall people or make the clothes comes alive.

Before KENZO TAKADA was popular, he rented a space for his very own boutique in Paris. He set up the interior of the boutique and painted the jungle landscape all by himself. He worked for another company in the morning, made his own clothes in the daytime, and painted the mural until 4 AM. He later said how much he had enjoyed this period. When the green carpet was at last spread on the floor of the boutique, he remembered how fascinated he felt by the scene. Day broke before he even realized and there he was, chattering with his friends. That was the morning of the day his boutique first opened, and I imagine that he thought a lot about his future in the dim light of Paris before dawn. I can imagine the scene, him being so excited about his future no matter what it held for him.

When KEIKO, the Japanese singer of the pop group “globe,” first debuted, I saw her share her tremendous excitement on TV about how wonderful the band’s debut song was. However, her interviewers did not show much emotion. Keiko wasn’t yet used to the entertainment world, and she was clearly dismayed at their reaction. I vividly remember how surprised she was that they were so calm and un-reactive to the song. Her attitude was so impressive . She did not speak but, looking at her facial expression, it was very clear to me what she wanted to say. She was screaming inside her head, probably saying something like:

[ “Come on! I can’t believe this! How can you stay so calm listening to this song! An amazing song is born! It’s magnificent and superb! You should be enthralled! This is the moment when musical history is about to change!! ]

The kind of passion she had is the same kind of passion that any creator must have.

Isshi KANAMARU 2015.10





「ねぇ、何故!? 何故みんなこの曲を聴いてそう冷静でいられるの!? 今、モノ凄い曲が出来たんだよ!スゴく感動的な曲なんだよ!今まさに音楽の歴史が変わろうとしてるんだよ!!」と。