To commemorate the 15th anniversary of FERAL FLAIR, we created another label, which we attached to the garment. On the label you will see not only our brand name but also the message that we have tried to send out throughout our fifteen years of creations, and hope that it will continue to be so. This is what we wrote:

"We believe something. This has the power, makes you happy, gives you some confidence and braces your energies."

Issey Miyake wrote that he makes clothing (which we call "FUKU" in Japanese) and also makes happiness (which we also call "FUKU" in Japanese). I agree with his ideology of creating clothes that have the power to make people happy.

Last month, we participated in the “Marché” event in Tokyo, where many of our customers were wearing their Seeing how F.F. clothing has naturally blended into their lives was moving, and very beautiful for us. The most impressive girl at the event was one who was wearing the top coat and long dress from our new collection and rouge on her lips. The clothes were even more enchanting, she was cool and elegant, and the multiplying effect of the beauty of her and of it was breathtakingly beautiful.

I don't know what situation she may have been in in her life, but seeing her smiling and happily wearing, I saw a glittering future for her.

Our aim to present happiness through our creations became the theme of our upcoming collection, and as the words say, we hope that FERAL FLAIR clothing will be an "EVERLASTINGLY STRAIGHTFORWARD HIGHWAY TO THE FUTURE" of your happiness.

Isshi Kanamaru 3. 2015






洋服を通して幸せを届けたいと思う願いは、今回の私達の最新コレクションのテーマとなり、その言葉のように、FERAL FLAIRの洋服達が、皆さんの幸せへの 「未来へと真っ直ぐに果てしなく続くハイウェイ 」となりますように!