The third line of FERAL FLAIR is FERAL FLAIR F.O.RCE(S.). It originated as the brand meant to take the baton from FERAL FLAIR ONLINE SHOP. Having gotten big love from our customers right from the start, it is referred to by the abbreviation F.O.S. [fˈɔːs].

F.O.RCE(S.), as its name suggests, evokes power and energy, and aims to represent “strong clothes” in many senses. They’re clothes in which we hope women can live powerfully in this era of violent change. To put it concretely, the garments are long-lasting, machine washable, and not weak. In terms of material, we use mainly solid natural materials.

In recent years we have discovered that environmental pollution, particularly micro-plastics, is caused not only by plastic bags and bottles but also by clothing. I heard that micro-plastics flow into the water by machine washing polyester clothing. Moreover, these micro plastics will flow forever, whenever the garment is washed. I know that chemical materials have the merit of being easy to care for and wrinkle-free, but we do not want to use them because of the pollution problem. We haven’t yet made the new brand’s label, but we’re going to start off slowly, under the name FERAL FLAIR WHITE LABEL.

Given the chaos of the COVID-19 global pandemic, in addition to the natural disasters, an unexpected confluence of anxiety and absurdity, we know these fabrics will never disappear from this world, but we wish to see women live strongly, together with FERAL FLAIR F.O.RCE(S.).

Something crossed my mind while watching world leaders communicate during this phenomenal chaos: the difference between a man and a woman. For example, I felt that the female leaders tend to think of their nation as a “family” in a way. They tend to treat people like their family, and think in terms of protecting the life of a people (family) first. On the other hand, male leaders tend to think of their nation as a “company,” in a sense. They tend to treat people like members of the company. They treat senior staff well and give the company precedence over the economy. Indeed, they think that letting the nation (company) fail must be avoided.

Of course, both are important. But if we were to have a more serious disaster on the earth, I bet it would be the female leader who saves it.

Looking back at my life, I can see how it has connected with females. Because I design women’s clothing, and the companies who have supported TEAM FERAL FLAIR in terms of creative support -in every respect, in fact- are mostly women. And needless to say, the customers who have supported us most are women. I hope I can repay them in the future. I really feel happy that I selected a life of creating women’s clothing and that I have taken part in the job of cheering women.

Currently, fashion is in a situation in which it cannot prove that its existence is essential. Reflecting my gloomy mood, I had tried to make a new collection with the theme “The World of Fashion Has Disappeared.” But, even if fashion were to disappear, the world would not change much. Then, when we took the photographs for the new collection and I saw the photos that the photographer gave to me, I was convinced that fashion was doing well after all. The images were so beautiful and the wishes and passion of our staff, including the model, for wanting to make fantastic and wonderful work, shone through brightly.

I believe that an era in which people don’t or cannot take precedence over fashion will come one day. But, I also think that whatever shape the world takes in the future, I don’t believe that a world where people don’t wear clothing will ever come. And whatever world lies in store for us, FF aims for “essential clothes.”

We aimed to make essential clothes, both physically and spiritually; clothes that will help their wearer live strongly and beautifully in this chaotic world, with tenderness and pride.

Isshi KANAMARU 2020.10

FERAL FLAIR 第3のブランド、FERAL FLAIR F.O.RCE(S.) フィラルフレア フォース。この名前は今まで皆さまに愛されてきたFF オフィシャル オンラインショップFERAL FLAIR ONLINE SHOP (略してF.O.S. フォース)、その名を受け継ぐブランドとして誕生しました。


近年環境問題にもなっているマイクロプラスティック問題、それはプラスティック袋やペットボトルだけの問題ではなく衣服の世界も実は例外ではありません。ポリエステルの衣服も洗濯機で洗うだけでマイクロプラスティックが流れ落ちていると知りました。しかも洗うたびごと永遠に流れ落ちているというので化学繊維にはしわにならないなど扱いが便利などの利点がありますが、環境問題を配慮しなるべくは使わない方向で考えています。ブランドネームさえまだ出来てはいませんが、まずはFF white label 白ネームで徐々に始めたいと考えています。新型コロナウィルスの世界的な感染拡大でかつてない混乱した世の中、加えて自然災害や予期せぬ事態や不安や不条理、それらはこの世の中からなくなることは有りませんが、そんな中でも自分自身を強く持って生きて欲しいと願う服です。




今ファッションはその存在感を必要不可欠的には示すことのできない状況下にあります。そんな迷いの中で今回は「ファッションの消えた世界」 というテーマでコレクションを作ってみました。でもその言葉通り仮に消えたとしても、もしかして世界はそんなには変わらないのかもしれません。

でも今回コレクション撮影をし、カメラマンさんから上がってきた写真を拝見したときに思ったことは、”ファッションはやはりいいもの” としみじみと感じました。それらはモデルさんも含め、いいもの、ステキなものを作りたいというスタッフさんたちの想いと情熱のこもった美しい写真だったからです。

これからの時代、きっと多くの人々がファッションをそれほど優先的には選択されない、あるいは選択できない時代になっていくのかもしれません。でもそんな時思うことは、たとえどんな世界になったとしても服をまとわない世界はあり得ない、と。そしてたとえどんな世の中になったとしても、 ”ひつような服 ” を FF は目指します。

それは ”物理的にも精神的にも、混乱したこの世界で、力強く美しく、やさしさとプライドを持って生き抜いていくためにはひつような服” を、私たちは目指していきます。