To mark the 20th anniversary of FF, we made a tote bag that will last for life. We printed the same message that we used on the 15th anniversary bag, but with a new design. The message is a line from a movie that we re-arranged. (The original is in the first person and we put it in the third person.)

It is a science fiction movie that describes the near future ruled over by a reign of terror. Many people who were offended by the Terror had been imprisoned unjustly. The movie’s hero was one of them.

One day in solitary confinement, he found something inside a small hole in the wall through which only a rat could come and go. It was a long, narrow strip of toilet paper on which was written a long letter, an autobiography written by the prisoner next door. It was evidence that she surely had lived in this world and she wanted to entrust it to someone before she died, as she understood that she would not live very long. Even though she had never seen him, the letter was written to him, even though she knew that he was put next door to her accidentally. “I hope that, whoever you are, you escape from this place. I hope that the world changes and that things get better.” Then the letter concluded,
“Even though I do not know you… and even though I may never meet you,…laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you…I love you. With all my heart, I love you.”

After the hero destroyed the prison and survived, he sought out the woman who wrote the letter. Unfortunately, she no longer existed, but he never forgot her thoughts and hopes. He ended up ending the Terror, paying off her old scores. It is a touching movie.

We, creating clothes, never know who is buying our merchandise and we also never complain about it. But our thoughts toward our customers, whose name and face we may never know, is the same as in the movie. “Even though we never knew you, what you were thinking when you bought our clothes, and what kind of life you are living now, with all our hearts we really love you.”

Once our SEIBU pop-up shop started, we got the chance to meet our customers (!) Finally, we could see our customers and meet them in real life. To laugh with them is no longer a rarity, but a matter of course. To cry with them hasn’t happened yet, but maybe in the future. To kiss and love…it may not happen…but, maybe one day it’s possible that we will kiss & hug, and maybe even love, through our clothes…could that be possible?…Anyway, we came into this to be able to get lost in wild fancies as we wished. We never imagined such a day would come, and we appreciate it with all our heart.

About twenty years has passed since FERAL FLAIR launched. The world has totally changed; the fashion world, the way to make clothes, and the way to sell clothes. The time that people buy clothes without complaining that they cannot touch it or try it on, has arrived after all. Thinking back to the day when I launched FF, I recall that I asked myself if I had a vision of what the fashion world may be like in 10 years, and I began with resolution. Before I realized it, about twice as many years had passed.

Since next year twenty years will have passed… I ask myself once again what my vision is for how the fashion world will look in 10 years … and it might be difficult to give an immediate reply. That means that I might be thinking that I should take a break from FF brand at twenty years.

I have experienced so many encounters over the last almost twenty years, both fantastic ones and sad farewells. Those experiences are surely the reason why I continued to create, as well as the force behind my motivation and motive. And I have always intended that my thoughts about all of these experiences be reflected on FF’s creations.

I still have about one year left before the 20th anniversary comes. Imagining how I can send my creation to the next passing, I intend to spend all my time until then devoting all my energy to making sure that FF reflects my love for my customers.

Isshi KANAMARU 2019.10

FF 20周年記念のエコバック作りました。15周年記念時に作ったものと同じメッセージ内容をニューデザインでプリントしました。その文章はある映画の中のセリフをアレンジしたものです。(映画ではそのセリフは一人称で出てきますがそれを三人称にアレンジ。)



「私はあなたを知らないし、あなたに逢うことはないけれども。一緒に笑うことも、泣くことも、キスすることも、愛し合うことも。 でも、私は心からあなたを愛している。」

主人公は刑務所を壊滅させ生還した後、この手紙を書いた女性を探し出し ( 彼女は生存はしてはいませんでしたが ) 彼女の ”その想いと願い” を生涯忘れることは決してありませんでした。そして彼女の無念を晴らすべく恐怖政治を終焉させていく感動的な映画。



SEIBU POP-UP SHOP が行われるようになり、お客様に出逢う機会がおとずれました。(!) 私たちはお客様を知るようになり、お逢いすることも叶いました。一緒に笑うことはもう当たり前にあります。泣くこと、、はまだありませんが将来的にはもしかしたらあるのでは?と思ったりもします。キスすること、愛し合うこと、はさすがにないとは思いますが、でも、、キスハグとかなら、、とか。愛し合うこともお洋服を通してだったら、、とか、などと勝手な妄想を抱けるまでになりました。まさかこんな日が来るとは!です。こころから感謝です。

FF を立ち上げてから約20年間、世界は凄まじく変化したと思っています。ファッション業界もしかりです。作り方も売り方も。全くその素材に触れられないことに、そして洋服を試着さえも出来ないことに、なんの抵抗もなく洋服を買う時代にまで変化しました。思えば、FF を立ち上げた時、10年後のファッションの未来を予測出来るくらいの能力は持ち合わせていなければならないとその覚悟を持ってスタートしたことを覚えています。いつの間にかなんとそのほぼ倍の年月が過ぎていました。

来年、20年が過ぎた時、その先、例えばさらに10年先を予測出来るのかと自分に問いてみると、即答は困難です。そう考えると、FF というブランドは 20年で一区切り、なのかもとも思っています。

それら全ては確実に、物作りをする理由となり、モチベーションと原動力ともなり、それらすべてに対する自分の想いをFF のクリエーションに反映させてきたつもりです。